Andrew McCloud is the main character of the LIFE Comics series. Andrew is a sixth grader in middle school, is a cartoonist, flirts with ladies, and goes crazy sometimes. Andrew is best known for his cartoons. He likes to hangout with his best friend, Edd, and sometimes his new friend, Mark.

Andrew hates school to the max level.

Biography Edit

Friends Edit

Edd Jameson Edit

Edd is Andrew's best friend. Although Andrew thinks Edd can be a little geeky, and sometimes "lose brain cells," the two are both great friends. They both met in preschool. Andrew and Edd are always hanging out most of the time.

Mark Wright Edit

Mark is Andrew's newest friend currently. Mark doesn't really appear much in the comics, but when Andrew and Mark hang out, they most likely have a great time. Andrew and Mark became great friends very quickly.

Mark first appeared in the comics on March 1, 2017 (during Series 2), after moving to Andrew's hometown. During that day, one of Andrew's teachers asked Andrew to escort Mark. They were nice at greeting, but Mark thought Andrew was a little weird at first when Andrew said he was the "king of the ladies." Shortly after though, they became good friends quickly.

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Likes Edit

Angela: Angela (or Angie, for short), is the love interest of Andrew. He likes Angie, and in LIFE Comics: Extreme Success!, it is shown that Angie likes Andrew.

Comics: Andrew loves reading and drawing comics, and he considers it as one of his favorite hobbies.