Mark Wright is one of Andrew's newest friends in LIFE Comics: Series 2. Mark is the tritagonist of the LIFE Comics series. Both Andrew, and Edd are good friends with Mark. Mark doesn't really appear in the comics, and is rarely shown, but he appears a whole lot in LIFE Comics: Extreme Success!, and in the Sunday strips. Mark first appeared in the comics on March 1, 2017, and the book The Beginning: LIFE Comics Comic Compilation.


Friends Edit

Andrew McCloud Edit

Andrew is Mark's only friend at Springville Middle School at the time, alongside Edd as well. Mark thought Andrew was weird at first, but very shortly, they became good friends. Andrew and Mark do not really hangout as much, but in LIFE Comics: Extreme Success!, Andrew and Mark are always talking to each over and are with each other a lot to help get Edd back.

Edd Jameson Edit

Edd is Mark's #1A at Springville Middle School, with Andrew being his #1 best friend. Edd and Mark do not really hangout at much, and first met each other a few days after Andrew escorted Mark into the school, since he was new.